The one product which has an un-disputable requirements in all the houses. Wall mounted and Floor mounted options available. The wall mounted option occupies only 6 inches depth of floor space and can be placed in any niche and corner without occupying valuable floor space. A wide Width of 28 inches to easily accommodate minimum 3 pairs of shoes per shelf. Option of having 2, 3 and 4 shelves available, Powder coated structure to enhance the Life and Looks of the product. Customization possible in Floor mounted units.


Rows Size Price
Two Rows 28” x 6” x 30”
710mm x 155 mm x 765mm
Rs 3750.00
Three Rows 28” x 6” x 43”
710mm x 155mm x 1095mm
Rs 4375.00
Four Rows 28” x 6” x 56”
710mm x 155mm x 1425mm
Rs 5000.00