The Office Chair is where one spends most part of his day time and hence deserves consideration in sense of the Functionality and Comfort offered by the same. Different options for varied uses are available and can be chosen from. Rotatable and height adjustable for offering best possible comfort.


Office Chairs
OC 01 With Handles Perforated Sheet 1550
OC 01 A With Handles Cushioned 1750
OC 01 A Without Handles Cushioned 1700
OC 02 2900
Multi Seater Perforated Sheet
Per Seat
Without Handle 1250
With Handle 1375
S S Seat Top Stool
30 Inches Height 1100
Single Seater Perforated Chairs
Without Handle 1250
With Handle 1375
With Writing Pad 1700
With Writing Pad & Basket 1800
Office Chair
Folding Chair Relaxing 1450
Folding Chair Square Pipe 1000
Folding Chair Round Pipe 1000